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Echoes of the Jurassic -- a trailer

It is true! In 2005, Dr. Mary Schweitzer and her research team reported one of the greatest paleontological discoveries in history. The scientific community was stunned, and many argued that it is not possible for there to still be soft and pliable tissue remaining in dinosaur bones. They claimed it was contamination or bacterial biofilm merely mimicking soft tissue. However, during the past decade discoveries have continued, and the evidence clearly demonstrates that this is original dinosaur tissue.

In 2012, the Creation Research Society began work on its iDINO project with the specific purpose of conducting dinosaur tissue research from a biblical creation perspective. As part of this project, tissue and intact bone cells were discovered in a Triceratops horn.

See the evidence for yourself and understand why this is such a challenge to the evolutionary dogma.

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Video Interviews NOTICE: You can see interviews with Ken Ham, Dr. David Menton, Dr. Jason Lisle, Dr. John Morris, Dr. Kevin Anderson, Dr. Russell Humphreys, Mike Oard, and Dr. John Baumgartner by going to the Videos Page.

Already Gone

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In the book, Already Gone. by Ken Ham and Britt Beemer, we learn, “Almost 90% of them were lost in middle school and high school. By the time they go to college they were already gone." The authors use commercial research to confirm that young people are not getting answers to challenging questions our scientific culture is throwing at them.

Students are learning to trust in evolution for our origins and many are giving up on the Bible all together. If the Bible must be reinterpreted to make evolution fit with Genesis 1-11 then where does the reinterpreting end? Young people are leaving church life in record numbers. Statistical related surveys within the USA are showing a rapid increase in people claiming "no religion".

Review this website for overwhelming evidence favoring creation. To start watch the 3-minute video The First Proteins Require Proteins. If it takes hundreds or thousands of proteins to create the first protein, how did the first protein begin if all that is available is natural causes? Design is the alternative to a naturalistic cause and design is the most plausible explanation not only for the first proteins but for all of life.

To learn more about Already Gone.