Interview with Dr. John Baumgardner

John Baumgardner PhD, is geophysicist. Dr. Baumgardner was employed at one of the most prestigious research institutes — Los Alamos National Laboratory, in New Mexico. He has developed a 3D computer program called TERRA which models Earth’s plate tectonics. This was such an important and useful program he was interviewed by US & World Report in 1997.

Those who support evolution depend on radiometric dating of rocks to provide evidence that the Earth is 6.4 billion years old. In this interview Jim Bendewald asks Dr. Baumgardner about radiometric dating and the RATE project. The discussion includes the RATE project results which challenge the long ages of Earth’s history. Carbon dating in coal is also discussed as well as carbon in diamonds which should long be gone if Earth is as old as the evolutionists claim.

This was an extremely important research project. It provided empirical data as evidence for a much younger Earth than evolutionists are willing to accept. Therein lies the problem. No matter how clear the data for disproving evolution, those committed to material causes will dismiss the evidence.

Watch this video to learn about the RATE project, understand what is at stake and learn of the RATE results.

Rubik’s Cube Biology

Many people think that evolution happens by way of physical accidents. For example, evolutionists will speculate, “A bubble forms in the primordial soup making the first cell wall or mitochondria was first developed by one bacteria swallowing another.” Admittedly my statements are simplistic and do not give justice to the evolutionary concepts for abiogenesis. However, even if such the mitochondria miracle was to occur it would be useless without the ability for the cell to do it again with later generations. Replication is essential and that takes information.

In the real world, when viruses mutate and change they do so in the nucleic acids (DNA or RNA). It is not physical structures happening first and the directions follow. No, the information mutates and the physical changes follow.

Review this video to see that information in DNA is key to understanding changes in biology. And the best explanation for the information in DNA is Design.

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Designed or Not Designed

Both “design” and “not design” exist. That is not debatable. So why is only “not design” taught in public schools? It is because policy makers and educators are committed to material causes that evolution alone is taught. By the way, saying they are committed to material causes is not judging their motives. This is their stated rational from a variety of sources.

Yes, natural selection happens; viruses, bacteria and species change, that is not in dispute. But to say that the common descent of humans from ape-like creatures is some sort of undisputed fact is a world gone mad. While changes within a species are obvious, just look at the varieties of dogs by artificial selection, the evidence for common descent from simpler species to more-complex species is vacant.

The evolution only dogmatism that promotes early-life-to-humans evolution (common descent) lacks scientific evidence, it’s illogical and it needs to be allowed to be challenged in the public schools! After all, modern scientific evidence shouts for design.

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