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Donations are the life blood of our organization.  Our ministry is fueled by passion for people to come to know the savior with the entry point of creation science.  As a photographer, Jim Bendewald has customers come to his studio.  Often there is a discussion about creation and this leads to the gospel.  Your donations make this possible.

The Evidence Press latest documentary is Earth Battles: How Old Is It?  Volume I — The Grand Canyon.  In it we provide several evidences that Earth was formed in a single Flood just thousands of years ago.  With your donation it will help us to travel and create Earth Battles: How Old Is It? Volume II — Mount St. Helens.  This story completes the story started at the Grand Canyon.  For example, we see flat layers at the Grand Canyon but we were not there to see them form.  However, at Mount St. Helens we see similar flat layers in the canyon and we know how and when they were formed!  Those flat layers explain the flat layers in the Grand Canyon.  Help us tell that story!

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