In discussions with skeptics at the university I notice one thing people are eager to hear is evidence for creation. Commonly creationists just speak of why evolution does not work and what are its problems. The skeptics then claim that the creationists don’t have any science favoring their view, just God-of-the-gaps thinking.


Kids grow up in Christian homes but too often parents hear the message, “I no longer believe in God, I believe in evolution or science”. Some kids will continue believing in God but have accepted evolution as true and have major issues with the Bible.

Aside from kids, adults too secretly or overtly have come to accept “the overwhelming evidence for evolution.”  Evidence Press would like to help the Church counter this trend. It is our mission to produce videos that provide evidence for creation. We want to educate the public on the real nature of the debate and help people see that evolution (changes from primitive life evolved by common ancestors up to humans) never happened and never could happen. It is not scientifically valid and it is not logical, whereas Biblical young Earth creation is both scientifically sound and logical.


My message is biblically and scientifically sound. I use a PowerPoint presentation that includes beautiful pictures and enlightening video. The presentation defines the problem and provides the solution. I give positive evidence in favor of creation.

Many years ago I studied church planting at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary.  I received my MDiv. in 1989.  I love evangelism and sharing the gospel.  As you check out our videos  you will see that we offer videos covering creation evidence from biology, geology, astronomy, genetics and more.   These are all made available for free.  Evidence Press, Inc. is a 501c3 meaning contributions are tax deductible.

I would like to speak in your church.  I promise you what I have to share will be new and it will be interesting.  You can reach me (Jim) at 608.233.5556 or go to our Contact Page.