Six Day Creation?

What evidence is there for a six day creation?

If the Bible is historically true as it is written in Genesis 1-11 then the (universal) Flood provides the mechanism for the geology that is seen around the world.  In fact, uniformitarianists have had to back down from their view of non-catastrophic geology.  Fossilization requires water, and with the vast majority of fossils being marine it forces the conclusion that water was involved.  Then add the problem of fossils would not fossilize if they are not buried quickly–they would quickly decay.  Geologists now suggest many small catastrophic events around the world are required to explain the burial of large animals, polystrate fossils, huge broad and deep coal reserves as in the Powder River Basin not to mention fossils in general.  But a world-wide flood would better account for the fossils and geologic layers.  You may say no.  I say yes and can provide more evidence. 

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