Monk Takes A Vow of Silence

Joseph decided to recommit his life to God. In doing so he joined a monastery of silence. Members were not allowed to speak at all.  The only exception was every year, the monks were permitted to speak two words. After spending his first year at the monastery, Joseph went to the head monk. “Yes?” asked the head monk. “What are your two words?”
“Bed… hard…” said Joseph.
“I see,” replied the head monk, and he writes down Joseph’s answer.
A year later, Joseph returned to the head monk’s office. “It’s been another year,” said the head monk. “What are your two words?”
“Food… stinks…” said the monk.
“I see,” replied the head monk, who in turn writes down the monks answer.
Another year passes and Joseph once again meets with the head monk, “What are your two words this time?” Asks the head monk.
Joseph replies, “Lousy music!”
“Well, Joseph.” replied the head monk while looking at his notes. “It’s time for you to think about moving on. All you’ve ever done is COMPLAIGN ever since you’ve been here!”

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