This is a multimedia CD-ROM covering the areas of archaeology, prophecy  and science.  An example of the videos is a full 60-minute video on the Dead Sea Scrolls.  The video includes footage of the actual man who found the scrolls.  It provides historical background to the scrolls, the caves and Qumran.  Now in its fourth printing the program includes the intriguing video Aliens, UFOs and the Bible.  Learn its history and how the Bible relates to the subject.  All the videos and books are excellent materials.  Together they would cost well over $100.  

From Auckland New Zealand, “Absolutely brilliant. A brilliant tool in spreading the truth about Jesus Christ”
Rob Pue of the Wisconsin Christian News wrote, “A new interactive CD-ROM created by Madison businessman Jim Bendewald will be one of the most effective teaching tools ever for believers to use in their evangelism and outreach work.”

Tom Davis of Hope Rescue Mission emailed, “The Evidence CD-ROM is the best computer evangelistic tool I have seen! Thank You Very much”

A Christian education board member wrote, “The part about the dinosaurs is fascinating! . . . For kids, teens and adults who do not like to read books but are on the computer all the time, this is just what they need. We can reach the lost and the lonely who spend time on their computer.”

CD-ROM Contents (Videos)

Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls by Dr. Randall Price, The Death of the Dinosaurs by Roger Oakland, Aliens, UFOs and the Bible by Gary Bates  New!, Starlight and Time by Mark Despain  New!, The Rush by Ray Comfort, The Evidence Video by Ray Comfort

Includes Three Books

The Evolution of a Creationist by Dr. Jobe Martin, Scientific Facts in the Bible by Ray Comfort, Revolution in World Missions by K.P. Yohannan


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