Our Purpose

Evidence Press, Inc.  is a ministry which produces documentaries which provide observable scientific evidence for creation.  The evidence we present demonstrates that atheist philosophy is without observable scientific foundation.  Evidence from the universe logically leads to a creator since the universe had to have a beginning.  It is expanding, it is getting older, it is burning up energy which means the universe was once smaller, younger and had more usable energy in the past.  Therefore, it could not have existed forever in the past.  To learn more see Universe Battles:  Big Band or Big Design.

Conventional paleontologists claim that dinosaurs lived on Earth for about 165 millions of years and became extinct about 65 million years ago.  Recent evidence has shown that dinosaur fossils still have soft tissue in them.  Soft tissue in dinosaur fossils contradicts this claim.  While paleontologists argued for decades that the dinosaur samples were actually contamination or the result of bio-film, other scientists have demonstrated that the soft tissues are in fact from dinosaurs.  To learn more see Echoes of the Jurassic.

People from various faith and non-faith backgrounds claim that modern humans date back to 150,000 to 200,000 years.  Using nuclear and mitochondrial DNA Evidence Press reveals in DNA Battles: Were Adam and Eve Historical? that the evidence points to humans and animals existing only 6,000 years ago.

Creations have been told by those who support evolution that creation is not scientific and any discussion of creation in school should at best be limited to religion class.  Since about the turn of the century observable science regarding origins research has matured.  In a discussion with Kevin Anderson, Ph.D. in biology (a biology professor in a secular university) we learn what has transpired in observable science regarding biology.  In Testing Evolution: Exposing Flaws Dr. Anderson explains what is now known about 1. Junk DNA; 2. the so-called 1% difference between humans and chimps; 3. Mitochondrial Eve;  4. new discoveries about chromosomes and more.

In the book, Evolution Shot Full of Holes, authors Jim Bendewald and Frank Sherwin from the Institute for Creation Research provide four simple yet powerful arguments showing that evolution is not scientific and is not even illogical.  The book has many pictures and examples throughout making it a popular book among teens and adults.

A challenging topic for most anyone who is not a nuclear physicist is to explain how stars and galaxies billions of light years away could have appeared to Adam and Eve just days after the stars were created.  Starlight and Time featuring Russell Humphreys, Ph.D. explains the starlight problem, white holes, red shift and other phenomena.  Produced by Forever Productions, Starlight and Time the DVD is a creation ministry favorite.  The DVD includes about 140 minutes of content.

Evidence the Bible is True is a unique program that requires a Windows PC to run.  It also requires the user to download a free copy of  Real Media player (from www.Real.com) for the videos to work.  The CD-ROM program provides 6 full-length videos and 3 books covering the areas of archaeology, prophecy and science.