The discovery of dinosaur tissue found in dinosaur specimens made worldwide news in 2005 when Dr. Mary Schweitzer published her findings in Science magazine. The reaction from her colleagues was that these samples must either be contamination or biofilm. Since then Schweitzer has continued to publish and proved to the scientific world that these are in fact dinosaur soft tissue.

In 2013 the Creation Research Society began their iDINO project. That summer in Montana they excavated a triceratops horn. They found soft tissue in the horn and published their own findings in a scientific journal.

The big question is — since the dinosaur soft tissue discovery has the potential to topple the evolutionary timeline and undermine evolution, why isn’t this a bigger story? Why doesn’t everyone know about this? Clearly, everyone knows about evolution. Why doesn’t everyone know about the observational and repeatable evidence that disputes evolution? Echoes of the Jurassic is a 58-minute documentary that deals with this issue and others.




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