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Big Bang or Big Design?

The Cassini spacecraft was a complex exploratory spacecraft. Its mission was to study Saturn and its rings and moons. One of its many surprising discoveries was observing fountains of water spraying out of it’s icy moon, Enceladus.

Universe Battles provides numerous observable evidences that the Solar System is not billions of years old.

Interviews with six scientists with special guest Ken Ham.


Were Adam & Eve Historical?

DNA Battles confronts the establishment-science narrative that modern humans came into existence hundreds of thousands of years ago.

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14 hours ago

Evidence Press

Jeff Tomkins from the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) provides classic examples of irreducible complexity as coined by biologist Michael Behe. This clip is from the documentary -- DNA Battles: Were Adam and Eve Historical? ...

3 days ago

Evidence Press

Universe Battles: Big Bang or Big Design? Featuring six scientists and special guest Ken Ham. This documentary from Evidence Press, Inc. shows evidence Earth is young and was created for us. In addition are amazing discussions concerning Earth's magnetic field and magnetic fields of Uranus and Neptune. ...

5 days ago

Evidence Press

Is 98.5 % similarity of humans and chimps true? Even some evolutionists would agree it is false. Jon Cohen in Science Magazine June, 2007 wrote in reference to comparing human brains (genes that are coexpressed) with chimp brains, "In the cortex, for example, 17.4% of the connections were specific to humans." So to be clear, that is a 17.4% difference between humans and chimps just in the function of their brains.

Please watch this video as Jim Bendewald interviews Dr. Kevin Anderson regarding the 1% Myth.

5 months ago

Evidence Press

This is an interview with Tom Vail, founder of Canyon Ministries. Hear Tom's testimony and God's amazing love to remove us from our pride so we could see the Truth of God and His salvation.

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