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The following is a discussion I am having with someone on YouTube. Since evolutionists claim to have science on their side and they also claim that evolution is so sure that it is FACT, shouldn’t they have overwhelming observable non-controvertible evidence to support it? But what do they have? Read the following to find out what evolutionists have for supporting their side.

Writing to Mark Ryan: What empirical evidence do your rely on that convinces you evolution is true?
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Writing to Evidence Press: Foxes and wolves are related. By blood.
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Writing to Mark Ryan: How does your evidence account for the evolution of all of life? Do you not believe that life began from a primitive life form, evolved into something else, eventually gaining more complexity all the way up to humans? How do you empirically, in a falsifiable manor, account for evolution to be true?
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Writing to Evidence Press: You are shifting the goalposts know. First you were asking about evolution. Now that I settled that debate, you shift it to “origin of life”. Yes, we know for a fact that foxes and wolves are related. Evolution.
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Writing to Mark Ryan: First, the word “related” is not a precise term. Some people would say humans are related to amoebas and in some ways that is true. All living creatures have DNA, RNA and proteins, so we are “related”. But this hardly gives convincing evidence for evolution. It is far better evidence for a single, all powerful designer to have made all of life.

Secondly, I did not mention “origin of life”. I was just making clear what we are arguing about. I am arguing that primitive life (notice I said “life”) did not evolve over billions of years to become more complex organisms and through common descent eventually evolved into humans. I believe that is what you are arguing for.

Evolutionists claim that they offer “science” while we offer “religion”. So pony up. I am asking for some scientific empirical evidence that can be falsified as evidence for simple-life-to-humans evolution. Evolutionists claim it is a fact, so it certainly should be easy to provide some good solid evidence. Right?

Unless evolution is actually a bait and switch. Is it possible that evolutionists bait the public with snippets like “organisms change over time therefore evolution is true”. Well I believe organisms change over time too. But so will a fence post, even the wire on the fence post will change over time. In fact, just about all objects if not all objects change over time but that is not evolution. So starting with the bait of change over time does not confirm organisms-to-humans evolution. That is the switch. You are trying to use the same bait and switch with foxes and wolves which for me is saying nothing anyway.

So what do you have for empirical, falsifiable evidence for organisms-to-humans evolution?

Challenged by Jack

I have a video on YouTube with my interview with Dr. John Baumgardner. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNcLmHtCjqw I get a number of people making comments.

Jack44M wrote:
+Evidence Press — maybe you can back up your claims: What is the scientific definition of kinds and what is your scientific source?
Where is your scientific evidence for the existence of God? Remember, the category is science….not philosophy. ….and as far as the “empirical evidence for abiogenesis”, are you being dishonest by trying to claim it’s part of the theory of evolution? Abiogenesis is the study of the origins of life. Evolution is the study of the diversification of existing life. They are separate fields of study.

“I am a young Earth creationist.” Perhaps you can provide verifiable scientific evidence that the earth is 6,000-10,000 years old (the usual Young Earther claim) A few peer reviewed scientific journal publications that show no rock is older than 10,000 years old would seal the deal.

My response:

Evidence Press wrote:
+Jack44M Well gee Jack you are boxing me in.

The term “kinds” is a biblical construct similar to “family” in the evolutionary classification system. Though secular scientists may have commented on it. I am not about to look for a source just to say I found one. Think of it as family in classification then it becomes scientific.

Evidence for the existence of God: OK, first I don’t claim proof for God’s existence. I will provide lines of evidence:
1. The finely tuned universe. It is so finely tuned that it is a huge problem for astronomers. This is a great video to watch on the subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpIiIaC4kRA
2. As already mentioned the complexity of DNA. Multiple messaging within genes called duons is amazing to think about even for design. For it to come by natural causes is preposterous.
3. The making of proteins requires numerous protein-based machines, sophisticated code and usable energy, the kind the cell can use. How do you get the first protein when DNA is made up of protein, the conversion of energy requires protein and the transcription factors and ribosome also have protein?

This is not just a chicken and the egg, this is a slam dunk, evolution by way of abiogenesis never happened. You may say, this does not necessarily mean God did it. Yea, it could have been really smart aliens. Then you are getting way outside of science.

I could mention more evidence but let’s keep this to a manageable size. There are only two possibilities for our existence: 1. natural causes and 2 design causes. The three above items point to a design cause. I believe the designer is the God of the Bible.

In regard to abiogenesis I understand this does not strictly fall under the classification of evolution. However, every basic biology text book which promotes evolution either assumes abiogenesis or tries to provide evidence for it. If there is no abiogenesis there must be a designer. You have to deal with it.

I can get into the age of the Earth another time. But I want to see if you will answer my questions first:
1. Provide your best evidence for evolution. I would prefer empirical data as I have provided.
2. What is your problem with God? Does the thought of Him make you angry for some reason?