These are unusual times…

We are living in very odd times; open boarders, globalism, lawlessness, and efforts to defund the police. These are characteristics leading to the Revelation apocalypse. The world is sliding down a slope toward a one-world government. All that is needed is the right catalyst. We have rapidly rising inflation, supply chain issues, a pandemic, a war in Ukraine, a border crisis at home in the US, illegal drugs killing people and sex trafficking at highest levels. Yet, none of those could cause such upheaval that countries around the world would be willing to give up their sovereignty. What could possibly be the platform for countries to turn over control and trigger a one-world government?

Jim Bendewald and Evidence Press, makers of five documentaries has produced a novel. Awakening: A Creation and End Times Thriller? The book weaves an exciting story so powerful you will not want to put it down. Though the book is a novel it teaches the truth about what is happening in the world.

There is an event described in several places in the Bible that has the power to cause world-wide upheaval and chaos. This event may well trigger the unveiling of the Anti-Christ and his ascension to world power.


If you like adventures and action, then Awakening is for you. From page one the story takes you on an incredible action-packed journey and shows how one changed life devoted to sharing the truth can impact the lives of others.

Scott Lindsay

I raced through the pages like a crazed hornet. I never read thrillers, but this one was amazing! No one can read this book and forget it. It has amazing impact! I know I will never forget it! You put my heart in my throat in the middle of this book. It was still there at the end. It really made me cry, but in a good way. Well done!

Maryann Davenport

I think you will find this book remarkable with a solid young earth creation (YEC) message, and creatively dismantling evolution arguments throughout the novel. The novel genre is yet another way to reach people with a strong message of YEC Creation and the Gospel.

Pam Courtney

People should read the book because not only is it entertaining and hard to put down, but the book is thought provoking. I found myself not only enjoying the plot but also looking forward to seeing how the things seen and heard on earth are connected to the very real though unseen spiritual world. The book kept me wanting more until the very end

Weston Thompson

The more you read the more momentum the plot gained. You set it up the book well with enough interest to keep the reader involved and then the plots and storyline steam rolled. It was hard to put down. You skillfully keep the reader wanting to know more of the plot while giving the reader real facts and figures about our world. It kept the reader more and more involved. My comment at the end of the manuscript was ‘Brilliant’. That really sums up the book. A book you will want to read and pass on copies to others

Jeff McKenzie

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Awakening: A Creation and End Times Thriller! The story from the beginning had me wanting to read more with each chapter. Though the story line is fictional the book is filled with Christian truths. The book content is intriguing leading the reader to want to investigate the Bible for themselves. It's a unique book, action packed yet educational. Well done!

Ken Shaw


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