Is Earth 4.3 Billion Years Old as establishment scientists claim?

Earth Battles: How Old Is It? reviews geologic evidence from the Grand Canyon and finds that the evidence is not ambiguous but very clearly points to a young Earth. The evidence points overwhelmingly in favor of world-wide catastrophic processes not the slow and gradual processes that long-age geologists claim. This documentary includes beautiful 3D animation videos while explaining the Biblical Flood Model for the formation of Earth’s basement rock and sedimentary fossil-filled layers.

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UNIVERSE BATTLES: Big Bang or Big Design?

Published in June 2019, Universe Battles provides numerous observable evidences that the Solar System is not billions of years old.

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Cassini was a complex exploratory spacecraft launch from NASA in 1997. Its mission was to study Saturn and its rings and moons. One of the many surprising discoveries was the observation of geysers of water spraying miles into space out from its icy moon, Enceladus.

Enceladus is supposed to be 4.6 billion years old. Every object eventually reaches equilibrium with its ambient temperature. How could Enceladus still be geologically active after billions of years? Enceladus provides one of many observable evidences that the solar system has only been in existence for thousands of years.

DNA BATTLES: Were Adam and Eve Historical?

Too often Christians accept some form of evolution as the means for our origins.
With modern genetics it is time to realize empirical science points to Biblical Creation.

DNA Battles explores several lines of evidence which supports a 6,000 year 6-day biblical explanation for Creation.

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The June, 2011 cover article in Christianity Today (CT) lays out several positions for the historicity of Adam and Eve. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, started the Biologos Foundation. Biologos is leading the charge for the position that Adam and Eve, if they existed at all, were part of a collective of some 10,000 hominids.

The CT article states, “A Biologos paper by Venema and Falk declares it more flatly: The human population, they say,
‘was definitely never as small as two . . .
Our species diverged as a population.
The data are absolutely clear on that.’”
But is the data as clear as they state?
What has recent research revealed about mitochondrial DNA?
Does recent research on nuclear DNA support evolutionary predictions?

Hear from 7 scientists and 2 theologians

Starlight and Time

Starlight and Time on DVD has 4 video discussions.

Discover how stars and their light could appear during creation week! A new way to think of the creation of Earth and stars!

The book, with the same title has sold over 50,000 copies!  The DVD is essential to understanding this subject.  Using computer aided graphics Dr. Humphreys and Dr. Baumgardner explain and demonstrate how the theory works.  They provide outstanding evidence for the theory and why it is scientifically a better theory than the Big Bang theory.  They also explain, red shift, black holes and even white holes.

The back of the Starlight and Time book states, “The Bible says the universe is just thousands of years old, and yet we can see stars that are billions of light-years away.  Until now, creation scientists have not had a satisfactory answer to this puzzle, but the new cosmology outlines in this book offer a fresh and scientifically sound solution.  Though he challenges some traditional creationist theories, Dr. Humphreys takes Scripture very straightforwardly, upholding its inerrancy and the idea of a young universe as he explains the days one through four of creation week.”

Dr. Humphreys was awarded his Ph.D. in physics from Louisiana State University in 1972, by which time he was a fully convinced creationist.  For the next six years he worked in the High Voltage Laboratory of General Electric.  Since 1979, he has worked for Sandia National Laboratories in nuclear physics, geophysics, pulsed power research, theoretical atom and nuclear physics, and the particle beam fusion project.  Dr. Humphreys is an adjunct professor of the Institute for Creation Research in California, lecturer for Answers in Genesis in Kentucky and a board member of both the Creation Research Society and the Creation Science Fellowship of New Mexico.”


Testing Evolution: Exposing Flaws

• Are humans and chimps only 1 to 2% different?
• Is the human genome 98% junk, as claimed?
• Is Mitochondrial Eve evidence for evolution?
• What are some recent discoveries regarding our chromosomes?
• What should be done about creation in public schools?
• Does the creation topic really matter?

Evolutionary thought has changed a great deal in the last few years.

It was once thought that human DNA is primarily junk.

For many years Mitochondrial Eve was presented as compelling evidence for evolution. In addition, the 1 to 2% difference between humans and chimps was declared as fact.


However, recently these arguments have been completely reversed.


This video reveals the rest of the story.

Jim Bendewald, MDiv, interviews Dr. Anderson in this video revealing the amazing turn of events. The video includes many illustrative graphics.
kevin anderson
Kevin Anderson, PhD
Van Andel Creation Research Center
Dr. Anderson had a PhD in microbiology from Kansas State University.

He was a National Institutes of Health postdoctoral fellow, conducting research in molecular genetics. He held research positions for biotech companies and state university professorships. In addition, Dr. Anderson was a scientist for the Creation Research Society and past senior editor of the technical journal, the Creation Research Society Quarterly. He died January 16, 1992 He was a beloved educator!

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