Starlight and Time

Starlight and Times — $19.95


Starlight and Time on DVD has 4 video discussions.  

Discover how stars and their light could appear during creation week! A new way to think of the creation of Earth and stars!

The book, with the same title has sold over 50,000 copies!  The DVD is essential to understanding this subject.  Using computer aided graphics Dr. Humphreys and Dr. Baumgardner explain and demonstrate how the theory works.  They provide outstanding evidence for the theory and why it is scientifically a better theory than the Big Bang theory.  They also explain, red shift, black holes and even white holes. 

The back of the Starlight and Time book states, “The Bible says the universe is just thousands of years old, and yet we can see stars that are billions of light-years away.  Until now, creation scientists have not had a satisfactory answer to this puzzle, but the new cosmology outlines in this book offer a fresh and scientifically sound solution.  Though he challenges some traditional creationist theories, Dr. Humphreys takes Scripture very straightforwardly, upholding its inerrancy and the idea of a young universe as he explains the days one through four of creation week.”

Dr. Humphreys was awarded his Ph.D. in physics from Louisiana State University in 1972, by which time he was a fully convinced creationist.  For the next six years he worked in the High Voltage Laboratory of General Electric.  Since 1979, he has worked for Sandia National Laboratories in nuclear physics, geophysics, pulsed power research, theoretical atom and nuclear physics, and the particle beam fusion project.  Dr. Humphreys is an adjunct professor of the Institute for Creation Research in California, lecturer for Answers in Genesis in Kentucky and a board member of both the Creation Research Society and the Creation Science Fellowship of New Mexico.”