Testing Evolution

Testing Evolution 3D small2


• Are humans and chimps only 1 to 2% different?
• Is the human genome 98% junk, as claimed?
• Is Mitochondrial Eve evidence for evolution?
• What are some recent discoveries regarding our chromosomes?
• What should be done about creation in public schools?
• Does the creation topic really matter?

Evolutionary thought has changed a great deal in the last few years. It was once thought that human DNA is primarily junk. For many years Mitochondrial Eve was presented as compelling evidence for evolution. In addition, the 1 to 2% difference between humans and chimps was declared as fact. However, recently these arguments have been completely reversed. This video reveals the rest of the story. Jim Bendewald, MDiv, interviews Dr. Anderson in this video revealing the amazing turn of events. The video includes many illustrative graphics. Dr. Anderson holds a PhD in microbiology from Kansas State University. He was also a National Institutes of Health postdoctoral fellow, conducting research in molecular genetics. He has since held research positions for biotech companies and state university professorships. In addition, Dr. Anderson is a scientist for the Creation Research Society and senior editor of the technical journal, the Creation Research Society Quarterly.