Jim Bendewald — Executive Director

Jim has enjoyed communicating the gospel (the salvation story) since he became a Christian in 1976.  Jim earned a B.A. in psychology from the University of Washington in 1979.  He met his wife, Kathleen, at Moody Bible Institute. They have one daughter, her name is Sarah.

He attended seminary at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary and graduated with a Masters of Divinity in 1989.  He served as a church planter for two years for the Southern Baptist Convention Home Mission Board while in Novato, California.

Currently Jim operates James Studio a photography and videography business.  Review his work at:  http://www.JamesStudio.com  The web site provides both photo and video samples. In addition, Jim developed the CD-ROM program, Evidence The Bible is True and co-authored the book, Evolution Shot Full of Holes.   Together, with the Evidence Press team, Jim has produced the new DVD, Testing Evolution: Exposing Flaws with Dr. Kevin Anderson.

This web site reflects his passion, his soul, his desire to make a difference in people’s lives.   Jim’s next project is to create documentaries on creation versus evolution .  Science has advanced to the point where common people can now make a clear decision on this topic.  What is known today about the universe, life, nanotechnology in the cell etc. is vastly more in depth than what was known in Charles Darwin’s day.

Though the evolutionists have the loudest voice in the debate.  Nature shouts creation.  Jim wants his viewers to see and be convinced by the evidence for creation. For example, a quick look around we see the results of human design — everywhere. The computers, phones, books, signs, furniture, buildings etc. are all examples of human design. But biological organisms are more complex, maybe hundreds of times more complex, than anything humans have ever designed.

So why is it then that in secular education biology classes that biological organisms are assumed to have arrived by natural causes or what Jim likes to say is “not design”. There are two options for the cause of life and all organisms, design or not design. However, the design option is not even considered despite the evidence for design in all biological systems. That is unjust and it must be changed.

Jim, the Evidence Press board members and its supporters are proud to be a part of the growing number of ministries dedicated to help people see the true creation story.

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