Destroying Evolution Theory

A good interview but this finding will in no way “destroy” Evolution Theory. What was found was remarkable and unexplained preservation, not inaccurate dating. No reason to make an argument from ignorance
+Jesse King I appreciate your comment. If all we had was this one piece of evidence then your comment would hold more weight. When one considers corroborating evidence such as carbon dating of the tissues consistently in the thousands of years, the cross bedding geology and areas with swirls of sediment in the deposition — these better support the Flood model. In addition are from around the world ancient petroglyphs, tapestries, drawings of various dinosaurs. Add to that multiple lines of evidence growing against evolution and in favor of creation such as the overturning of Junk DNA and the so-called 1% difference between humans and chimps. As science progresses more and more people will come to realize the not being able to criticize evolution won’t cut it anymore.

Evidence for God

After watching the following video, Dan b wrote:  “reading the bible is the main reason that i’m an atheist. if you believe in any GOD then pray that i receive proof that your GOD is real. i want a life changing event, no matter what it takes.”

I responded with:

+dan b Evidence that God is real is all around us. 1. In the cities the results of human design is everywhere (clothes, phones, cars, buildings etc.). When you see a birds nest, this too is a result of “intelligent design”. Likewise when we look at the amazing workings of the cell we again see design. The cell and all of life is evidence of intelligent design and that is evidence of God. 2. For origin of life, evolutionary scientists point to abiogenesis (the idea that life came from chemicals). But where is the evidence for it? Yet the Law of Biogenesis (life only comes from life) is seen every day. 3. We now know that DNA is a massive code similar to a computer’s operating system only much more complex. To go from the simplest form of life (like a bacterium which is a prokaryotic cell) to more complex form of life with eukaryotic cells would require reams of new code that did not exist before. In fact, it would require a rewrite of the original code. Code does not get written by chance, time and mutations. Only intelligence produces code and intelligence of this extreme magnitude is clear evidence for God.

All three of the above sources of evidence are forms of empirical evidence. They are observable, repeatable and they point to a supreme intelligence. The Bible reveals who that intelligence is. I am well aware that there are things in the Bible that are confusing. I recommend books from Lee Strobel such as The Case For Faith. You can also get his materials in DVD but the books are more detailed.

One more science tid bit. Proteins are known as “the building blocks of the cell”. They make up all or part of every structure in the cell including DNA, RNA, the organelles, the cellular membrane, the processes of transcription and translation for making proteins are also made up of proteins. Even the conversion of energy from ADP to ATP is made up of proteins. So without God as creator how could you ever get (by natural causes alone) the first proteins when proteins are required in all these structures and processes? It is not logical to think that they came about by natural causes.

Dan I hope you give some serious thought to the above and check out books from Lee Strobel (local libraries have them too). You can also send me a message by going to and go to the contact page.


Dan wrote back with:

+Jim Bendewald which GOD are you referring to?  every religion claims their GOD created everything, what method did you use to determine that yours actually did it?

I responded with:

+dan b The mono-theistic God of the Bible makes the most sense. All the eastern gods are limited in time and space and many are not personal. The God of the Bible is the creator of all time, space and matter and is not limited by them. He is also personal in that He has revealed Himself to us through the Bible. He has provided clarity about us as His children, that we are sinners and lost without believing in and receiving Christ as His Son and our Savior. Only the God of the Bible loves us unconditionally in the midst of our sin. The God of the Bible has the power and knowledge to create the universe and produce life along with the coding in DNA.

Interview with Erin

In one moment Erin asks me if I believe that God created us as we are. She was so incredulous, her expression looks like she thought she was talking to a child or someone not very bright. In response, I think I actually look defensive as I replied, yes, to her query. I do believe God made humans fully formed. In fact, that is one of the distinguishing characteristics of Young Earth Creationists.

There is great power in incredulity. I believe it is used against creationists in colleges and universities across the nation. Atheists Richard Dawkins uses it often as weapon of shame for believing such a naive thing as creation in 6 days about 6,000 years ago. But as we examine this video interview, the intelligent person should ask, which of us is the naive one? Which of us is so militant in their beliefs that the person could not stand to hear the arguments of the other.

Your constructive comments are welcome.

Interview Edgewood Students

I really enjoy interviewing people about creation and evolution. When people are not rushed, have some science background with logic skills, it makes the conversation all the more interesting. These two Edgewood College students are both studying science, both have some religious background and both were interested in the topics of our discussion.

We discussed the creation topic and then the heaven topic. The entire time they were engaged. It was a very good interview for me. My disappointment was one of my cameras was “seeking focus” and so I was not able to use it much. Secondly, the cameras shut down at the end of the interview so the last few minutes are missing the video portion but the audio is good.

As always, I appreciate constructive comments.

Roberto and Natalia

Talking to people about creation and evolution is an interesting process. We start off by defining the scientific method. Then we define evolution as Darwin defined it. This leads to talking about the evidence. I usually like to help people understand the concept of “inference to the best explanation” as shown in this interview. Where it goes from there is always unique and always interesting.

Discussing Evolution with Medical Students

The library mall at the University of Wisconsin in Madison is a great place to meet and interview students. These two guys were very friendly while discussing evolution. Even so the discussion did get a little feisty, at least from my side.

The discussion of evolution and creation is challenging as can be seen in this video. I have included a number of graphics and animations to make the points more clear.

DNA Information Composite

Evolutionists claim that scientific evidence overwhelmingly favors evolution. But what if DNA shows that changes to organisms are limited to their own kind? Clearly organisms change, there is variability, mutations exist. In this video, Evidence Press begins to reveal foundational evidence for design in all living things. Meanwhile the presented argument produces in evolutionists the beginnings of doubt in molecules-to-man evolution. Watch and learn about the nature of information in DNA and why it points to design.

God in the Gaps

This video was taken December 27, 2012 in a restaurant on State Street in Madison, WI. This is a discussion with a young man named Cory. He did not take my points lying down but pushed back on most everything I was saying. Check out this video for a friendly but strident debate on evidence from DNA that favors design.

Inferring from DNA Evidence

Many people think that the only evidence for creation or intelligent design is no evidence at all. They think that the evidence falls into the gaps that evolutionary scientists cannot explain. I talk with Julia in this episode to share with her evidence from DNA information. We then discuss where does the evidence lead?

Steven Meyer from the Discovery Institute speaks of “the inference to the best explanation” which means, from the data we make inferences. Good science will not just assume that evolution is the only option for how life came about. Good science will honestly consider design as a possible cause for life’s origin. Good and honest science frees us to follow the evidence to where it leads — the inference to the best explanation.