Challenged by Jack

I have a video on YouTube with my interview with Dr. John Baumgardner. I get a number of people making comments.

Jack44M wrote:
+Evidence Press — maybe you can back up your claims: What is the scientific definition of kinds and what is your scientific source?
Where is your scientific evidence for the existence of God? Remember, the category is science….not philosophy. ….and as far as the “empirical evidence for abiogenesis”, are you being dishonest by trying to claim it’s part of the theory of evolution? Abiogenesis is the study of the origins of life. Evolution is the study of the diversification of existing life. They are separate fields of study.

“I am a young Earth creationist.” Perhaps you can provide verifiable scientific evidence that the earth is 6,000-10,000 years old (the usual Young Earther claim) A few peer reviewed scientific journal publications that show no rock is older than 10,000 years old would seal the deal.

My response:

Evidence Press wrote:
+Jack44M Well gee Jack you are boxing me in.

The term “kinds” is a biblical construct similar to “family” in the evolutionary classification system. Though secular scientists may have commented on it. I am not about to look for a source just to say I found one. Think of it as family in classification then it becomes scientific.

Evidence for the existence of God: OK, first I don’t claim proof for God’s existence. I will provide lines of evidence:
1. The finely tuned universe. It is so finely tuned that it is a huge problem for astronomers. This is a great video to watch on the subject:
2. As already mentioned the complexity of DNA. Multiple messaging within genes called duons is amazing to think about even for design. For it to come by natural causes is preposterous.
3. The making of proteins requires numerous protein-based machines, sophisticated code and usable energy, the kind the cell can use. How do you get the first protein when DNA is made up of protein, the conversion of energy requires protein and the transcription factors and ribosome also have protein?

This is not just a chicken and the egg, this is a slam dunk, evolution by way of abiogenesis never happened. You may say, this does not necessarily mean God did it. Yea, it could have been really smart aliens. Then you are getting way outside of science.

I could mention more evidence but let’s keep this to a manageable size. There are only two possibilities for our existence: 1. natural causes and 2 design causes. The three above items point to a design cause. I believe the designer is the God of the Bible.

In regard to abiogenesis I understand this does not strictly fall under the classification of evolution. However, every basic biology text book which promotes evolution either assumes abiogenesis or tries to provide evidence for it. If there is no abiogenesis there must be a designer. You have to deal with it.

I can get into the age of the Earth another time. But I want to see if you will answer my questions first:
1. Provide your best evidence for evolution. I would prefer empirical data as I have provided.
2. What is your problem with God? Does the thought of Him make you angry for some reason?

Interview with Mike Oard

Geology provides some very interesting data in regard to the age of the Earth. As long as evolution is the only game in town it supports long ages as evolution requires. Mike Oard is a weather man who is a young Earth creationist. He not only sees geology favoring a young Earth he provides observable evidence to support the young Earth conclusion.

In this video Mike discusses geologic layers, marine fossils and ice cores all of which support a young Earth.

Georgia Purdom Discusses the Cell

Charles Darwin thought of cells as “simple”. With better microscopes and scientific experimentation we have come to see a whole world of complexity within the cell. The complex cell is in many ways like a city.

In this video, Jim Bendewald interviews Dr. Georgia Purdom on staff with Answers in Genesis.  The discussion includes a fascinating look at the various organelles and functions of the cell. In addition to the interview are wonderful illustrations using animated graphics. In this video you will see for yourself the immense complexity built into our cells. While evolution predicts simplicity and requires simplicity, the reality is the cells contain unfathomable complexity inferring design as the best explanation.

Dr. Russell Humphreys on Starlight and Time

Dr. Humphreys provides a fascinating cosmology for how stars could appear to Adam and Eve.

For biblical creationists this seems to be completely contrary to the Bible’s Young Earth perspective. Since some stars are billions of light years away, it seems foolish to believe that the universe is only 6.000 years old. This is a problem for biblical creationists and it is a huge public relations problem since it is easy for moderately educated people to understand the problem and what it means in regard to the age of the Universe.

In recent years creation cosmologists have been thinking about how to solve the problem. Several of them have come up with testable hypotheses. Dr. Humphreys has a scientifically realistic solution to the problem. His PhD is in physics from Louisiana State University in 1972. He has worked for General Electric and Sandia National Laboratories in nuclear physics.

Watch this video to learn about Einstein’s theory of relativity, atomic clocks, an event horizon, black holes and red shift. Through this interview you will learn how modern understanding of physics helps us understand that light from the stars was indeed available for Adam and Eve to see.

1% Myth by Dr. Kevin Anderson

The DVD evidence that humans and chimp genomes are a mere 1-2% different has become an icon of evolution. All a supporter of evolution had to do is mention the 1% difference between humans and chimps to score major points in a debate. However, like Junk DNA, the simple cell and the universe is eternal — the 1% difference is being shown to be false.

In this video Dr. Kevin Anderson provides some background to the so-called 1% difference. He demonstrates the sort of evidence that was used to determine the 1% difference.



Interview with Dr. John Baumgardner

John Baumgardner PhD, is geophysicist. Dr. Baumgardner was employed at one of the most prestigious research institutes — Los Alamos National Laboratory, in New Mexico. He has developed a 3D computer program called TERRA which models Earth’s plate tectonics. This was such an important and useful program he was interviewed by US & World Report in 1997.

Those who support evolution depend on radiometric dating of rocks to provide evidence that the Earth is 6.4 billion years old. In this interview Jim Bendewald asks Dr. Baumgardner about radiometric dating and the RATE project. The discussion includes the RATE project results which challenge the long ages of Earth’s history. Carbon dating in coal is also discussed as well as carbon in diamonds which should long be gone if Earth is as old as the evolutionists claim.

This was an extremely important research project. It provided empirical data as evidence for a much younger Earth than evolutionists are willing to accept. Therein lies the problem. No matter how clear the data for disproving evolution, those committed to material causes will dismiss the evidence.

Watch this video to learn about the RATE project, understand what is at stake and learn of the RATE results.