Georgia Purdom Discusses the Cell

Charles Darwin thought of cells as “simple”. With better microscopes and scientific experimentation we have come to see a whole world of complexity within the cell. The complex cell is in many ways like a city.

In this video, Jim Bendewald interviews Dr. Georgia Purdom on staff with Answers in Genesis.  The discussion includes a fascinating look at the various organelles and functions of the cell. In addition to the interview are wonderful illustrations using animated graphics. In this video you will see for yourself the immense complexity built into our cells. While evolution predicts simplicity and requires simplicity, the reality is the cells contain unfathomable complexity inferring design as the best explanation.


  1. Geoff Casey says

    It was very good to hear about the amazing complexity of the cell.   There is a great deal of information here to take away and teach in my biology class.   Dr. Georgia Purdom is always interesting to listen to.    Thank you.

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