Already Gone

Already GoneIn the book Already Gone by Ken Ham and Britt Beemer is this important quote: “it turns out that 11 percent of those who have left the Church were still attending during the college years. Almost 90 percent of them were lost in middle school and high school. By the time they got to college they were already gone!” Page 31

Ham and Beemer claim that children are being given evidence that favors evolution from very young ages. They listen to the scientists discuss biology and they learn about animals.  In the process they learn to trust scientists as they discuss observable evidence.  Children do not realize the huge difference between empirical evidence which is observable and historical science which can not be repeated in an empirically based manner (like a chemistry experiment can be observed, repeated and retested).   Therefore the kids think the operational science and historical science are on the same level — but they are not.

“Most churchgoing adults cannot adequately defend the basics of their Christian faith or basic doctrines, let alone defend the faith against the skeptical questions of the scientific age.”  Page 48

The purpose of Evidence Press is to produce compelling video and articles to help defend evidence for creation and clarify issues related to evolution.   For example, the following 3.5 minute video demonstrates that proteins require hundreds of proteins to make a protein. Logically, if it takes hundreds of proteins to create a protein no amount of time will be enough to create the first proteins! In addition, the proteins must be arranged as protein machines working more efficiently than anything humans have ever devised.  Furthermore, the machines require a great deal of the right kind of energy. The energy comes from ADP being converted to ATP which is a complex process that is also made up of protein machines.

This is an insurmountable conundrum for evolutionists and it is a simple argument to show to kids.  When they see it and hear it, they get it.  Suddenly they are skeptics of historical science supporting evolution which assumes evolution is true.