Designed or Not Designed

Both “design” and “not design” exist. That is not debatable. So why is only “not design” taught in public schools? It is because policy makers and educators are committed to material causes that evolution alone is taught. By the way, saying they are committed to material causes is not judging their motives. This is their stated rational from a variety of sources.

Yes, natural selection happens; viruses, bacteria and species change, that is not in dispute. But to say that the common descent of humans from ape-like creatures is some sort of undisputed fact is a world gone mad. While changes within a species are obvious, just look at the varieties of dogs by artificial selection, the evidence for common descent from simpler species to more-complex species is vacant.

The evolution only dogmatism that promotes early-life-to-humans evolution (common descent) lacks scientific evidence, it’s illogical and it needs to be allowed to be challenged in the public schools! After all, modern scientific evidence shouts for design.

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