Doctrinal Beliefs

The Bible is inspired by God, is infallible and authoritative for application to the whole person.

There is one true God yet He exists as three persons–the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God is personal, transcendent, holy and loving.

Jesus is the Christ, the Messiah for all humanity. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and was born of a virgin, Mary. Jesus was without sin. He died, was buried and resurrected for our sins. Jesus existed as a man on earth, yet was and is fully God.

Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit is the third person of the god head.  The present ministry of the Holy Spirit, who indwells every born-again Christian, empowers us to live a godly life.

Every person is sinful and lost. Accepting Christ as savior and being regenerated by the Holy Spirit is absolutely essential for obtaining the promise of eternal salvation.

The saved will be resurrected to eternal life with God in heaven. The lost will be resurrected to eternal damnation.

God spoke the creation into existence. He completed the creation in six days. God created life into “kinds”. Each kind of animal or plant eventually adapted into the varieties of breeds and species we have today. God provided the information for variety in each kind of animal, plant and organism.