Duplicity:  (Dictionary.com) “deceitfulness in speech or conduct; speaking or acting in two different ways concerning the same matter with intent to deceive; double-dealing.”

Surveys continue to reveal about two thirds of responders believe that God created the universe and life.  Evolutionists argue that science is not performed by vote, thus what the majority believes does not matter.  Yet the evolutionists often boast of the vast majorities of scientists that accept evolution as fact.  They even have a running parody about the number of scientists named Steve who accept evolution as “Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution.”  Since science is not established by vote or popularity then the evolutionists argument for the majority of scientists is also completely invalid.

Evolutionists claim that scientists who favor Intelligent Design (ID) should send their papers through peer review.  Talk Origins states, “Even by the most generous criteria, the peer-reviewed scientific output from the intelligent design (ID) movement is very low”.  But as the movie Expelled has thoroughly pointed out, the secular scientific journals publish papers that support ID at their own peril and thus they seldom do.  In fact, it is very well established that those scientists who came out in favor of ID have themselves been expelled, heavily criticized, lost their jobs, prevented from attaining tenure and the editors who publish their works have been severely stomped on.   (Dispite the persecution some papers have been peer reviewed).  The story of Richard Sternberg is just one case showing the veracious nature of the ideological evolutionists against anyone who should allow for an ID foot in the door.  Thus the argument of the evolutionists that their ID counterparts should publish through peer review is astoundingly duplicitous!

The evolutionists pound the idea that ID has nothing new, they say ID has no scientific evidence to prove that living things were designed.  But it is not true.  Evolutionists are not willing to be objective.  They are not willing to consider the evidence.  Specified Complexity is perfectly testable.  And when it comes to DNA there is nothing that reveals design more clearly.  This conclusion is not just by subjective reasoning but by using the scientifically valid formula of Specified Complexity.  The more specified and complex an object is the more assurance we have that the object was designed.  When analyzing DNA under the formula of specified complexity, on a scale of 1 – 10, DNA is off the chart, closer to 100 for reflecting design!

Evidence Press is here to encourage and embolden those who already believe in a six-day creation and to challenge those who don’t.   This web site consists of articles and resources to help defend creation and expose evolution (the Darwinian view that there is a common ancestor for all of life) as a dead end.

The following video considers the source of information.

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This next video discusses the nature of information.

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