Interview with a UW Madison Student

Is it possible to change people’s minds about evolution and God in just one conversation? To a degree yes. When I talk to people about the evolution and creation topic the vast majority confirm that not only do they accept evolution as true they see it as an established fact. By the end of the conversion, they understand the argument for design and no longer are so sure of the invincibility of evolution. It is a step in the right direction.

From our discussion they learn about evidence from DNA that powerfully supports intelligent design. I also help them understand how evolution works and what are the mechanisms that potentially result in the evolution of organisms. Watch through to the end to learn two powerful sources of evidence for intelligent design.

If the video is not playing smoothly, place the mouse pointer over the video. From the revealed timeline click on the HD button to lower the resolution.


Creation Evidence From DNA from Evidence Press Inc on Vimeo.

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