Rubik’s Cube Biology

Many people think that evolution happens by way of physical accidents. For example, evolutionists will speculate — a bubble forms in the primordial soup making the first cell wall or mitochondria came about by one bacteria swallowing another. Admittedly my statements are simplistic and do not give justice to the evolutionary concepts for abiogenesis.

However, even if one of the above miracles did occur it would be useless without the many lines of code in the DNA for the organism to do it again. The real miracle needs to happen in the DNA. In order for the bubble to appear again or the mitochondria to exist again in the next cell there must be information for the new feature in the DNA. Replicating the DNA is essential. So first the instructions must exist in the DNA and secondly, the information must get carried on to the next generation in such a way that proteins are made to produce the bubble or mitochondria.

For secular scientists to advance this type of narrative is extremely disingenuous. They know it would not work but it is good enough for fooling students into believing such non-sense.

Review this video to see that information in DNA is key to understanding changes in biology. And the best explanation for the information in DNA is Design.

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