Talking Geology with Dr. Andrew Snelling

One of the reasons so many Christians have come to accept an old Earth is they believe that science does not support a global Flood and a young Earth. Dr. Snelling is a geologist with an impressive resume having broad experience with the actual data and getting it published. In this interview we discuss several significant factors that confirm both the global Flood and a young Earth.

Dr. Snelling was a significant partner in the RATE project, which the findings were powerfully in favor of creation and the Flood. In this interview we primarily discuss findings related to helium in zircons and carbon in coal samples. On the web Dr. Snelling has been attacked fiercely, so I wanted to find out if he really had the data to support the Earth being young and the global Flood. Watch for your self to see how he did in this stirring encounter.

While evolution requires long ages for evolution to be viable, the Evidence Press series of videos reveals over and over the astounding evidence for creation. In this video is confirmation from helium in zircons and 10 coal samples the Earth is young.

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  1. Hello There!

    My name is Brice Rebeor, and I am a senior undergraduate Geology Major from New York State. I am particularly interested in geochemistry, and I am currently working on my senior capstone thesis in regards to trace element geochemistry of granitic pegmatites from Maine. Long story short, I am a young earth/biblical model creationist, and have been ever since I began college. I am exceptionally interested in Dr. Snelling’s work, and have been looking for his contact information (email) online, but cannot find anything. Can anyone guide me to his email address so I can ask him a few questions? This would be much appreciated!

    Thank you for your time.

    God Bless,

    -Brice Rebeor

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