The Bait and Switch

Evolutionists claim that their evidence is fully supported by science. Then in the same sentence or paragraph they attack creationist arguments as being nothing more than religious platitudes. To further their argument evolutionists claim that evolution is a fact and the vast majority of scientists from every field of science accept evolution as fact.

Since evolution is so well established it should be easy for the evolutionists to provide good scientific, falsifiable, empirical evidence which demonstrates simple-life-organisms-to-humans evolution. But where is it? Other than the talk, bluster and hyperbole where is the evidence for evolution? Unless evolution is actually a bait and switch?

Mousetrap With Cheddar Cheese - Isolated








Is it possible that evolutionists bait the public with snippets like “organisms change over time therefore evolution is true”? Well I believe organisms change over time too. But so will a fence post; even the wire on the fence post will change over time. In fact, just about all objects if not all objects change over time but objects changing over time is not evolution. Evolutionists start with the bait “organisms change over time” which applies to all objects I know of.  Then they  extrapolate that organisms change therefore macro evolution is true.  They try to make their bate prove the switch. It does not.

So if you disagree, demonstrate how I am wrong with scientific, falsifiable, empirical evidence demonstrating common-descent-with-modification evolution.

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