The Proof of God

YouTube user +al gore at has challenged me to empirically prove that God exists by emperically proving He created or did something. The following is my answer:

Christians do not claim that God can be reduced to a scientific experiment. Though the preponderance of evidence points to God (finely tuned universe, origin of life, order, biogenesis, DNA information, genetic entropy) we do not claim that we can prove Him. In contrast, atheism claims empirical science as its foundation. Atheists claim that evolution is a fact. Darwin described evolution as “common descent with modification”. What empirical, falsifiable evidence do you offer for evolution as common descent with modification?

If a death of a person is investigated, there are ultimately only two possible causes for that death or for any death: a natural cause or a design cause. If all the evidence leads to a design cause but all design causes are ruled out before hand then the evidence will be made to fit the natural cause. Do you deny that this analogy fits what we are talking about?

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